Functional Sobriety Network
Functional Sobriety Network

Functional Sobriety with Dr. Brooke Scheller

Join the conversation on nutrition & a functional approach to change your relationship with alcohol.

Functional Sobriety with Dr. Brooke

Functional Sobriety is a term coined by our founder, Dr. Brooke Scheller, a doctor of clinical nutrition who specializes in using functional medicine practices and nutrition to support changing your relationship with alcohol.

We offer two programs, the Functional Sobriety Academy, a self-guided online course, and the Functional Sobriety Network (or "FSN" as we like to call it), a community that emphasizes the use of nutrition and wellness to change your relationship with alcohol. 

Join real people sharing their experiences, along with expert advice surrounding the benefits of a sober or sober-curious lifestyle!

The Functional Sobriety Academy:

Starting at $399 (includes a free lifetime membership to the Functional Sobriety Network - a $199 per year value)

What you'll receive as a member:

  • A self-guided program that will educate you on how to use nutrition, food, supplements, and wellness practices to support a sober or sober-curious lifestyle
  • 4 jam-packed learning modules
  • 20+ video lessons
  • 20+ worksheets and downloads
  • 2 BONUS Modules:
    • Lifestyle Recommendations to support your sober-curious journey
    • Functional Testing for post-alcohol use
  • Plus a LIFETIME membership to the Functional Sobriety Network (a $199/year value), which includes weekly Zoom meetings, monthly masterminds and daily content on nutrition, wellness, and living a sober lifestyle
  • A free iPhone or Android app so that you can take us with you on the go!


The Functional Sobriety Network:

Starting at $29.99/month

What you'll receive as a member:

  • An all-access membership-only platform with daily content including articles, videos, and more. 
  • Weekly support meetings through Zoom.
  • Monthly masterclass sessions with leaders in the sobriety, health and wellness space.
  • Discounts on supplements, partner brands, other sobriety programs and more.
  • Special rates for 1:1 customized nutrition programs with Dr. Brooke.
  • Dr. Brooke's FREE Functional Sobriety Workbook that will help you create an individualized plan. 
  • Sign up for a one-year membership and receive $40 off your yearly subscription!


Here's what our members are saying...

“Dr. Brooke’s FSN platform encourages me with individualized attention, the right tools and plenty of motivation to help me achieve my nutrition goals so that I can heal from alcohol misuse and feel good!” -- D.M.

"Dr. Brooke’s knowledge of functional nutrition and well being has had such a healing effect on my sobriety journey. I am learning so much about my body and different approaches to using nutrition to rebuild and maintain healthy habits. I enjoy getting to know the other members as we share our common struggles and celebrate accomplishments. FSN has had such a positive impact as I travel down a new path in life." -- D.W.

“Dr. Brooke was the missing link to my health and wellness. Her nutritional expertise, passion for sobriety and generous spirit has been life changing. I have used alcohol, on and off, to self-soothe and forget pain since my college days. With Dr. Scheller’s help, I was finally able to leave that part of my past behind and live the full life that was originally designed for me.” -- S.C.

More about Dr. Brooke Scheller...

Brooke Scheller, DCN, CNS is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and an expert in using nutrition and functional medicine to change your relationship with alcohol. After getting sober in 2021, Dr. Brooke has published work in several texts and online media about using nutrition to change your relationship with drinking. Dr. Brooke has been featured on Forbes, MindBodyGreen, WebMD, Well + Good, Huff Post, Real Simple, and other leading publications.

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